On Thursday we were in Narnia. Well Totnes actually, but according to the sign on the way in, the town has been twinned with Narnia.

I’m not sure why. Is it at all “Alternative” around there?

The show was well organised and yet again we would like to praise the tractor drivers for towing everyone into the field, and out again.

Actually it was a really good day, weather wise, despite the muddy start.

There was loads going on.

Even the customary Nutter on a motorbike.

Some prize cattle and sheep

We stayed the night before at a beautiful B & B, in nearby Lanscove, called Blackler Barton House. Highly recommended.

Now then, on to the doggies. I was a bit overcome by the amout of lovely pooches to choose from but among my favourites were

“Slinky” & “Louis” (is that a Toy Story reference?)

and “Rosie” this gorgeous little Parson’s Jack Russell

and “Bob” this adorable young Retriever.

Great Day. We will return next year