Monthly Archives: August 2012


The RNLI is quite possibly, in my opinion, the best charitable organisation around. The rescue work done at sea is just remarkable. I am even a “Shoreline” member myself. I was really pleased tonight to recieve a phone call from Mrs Dorrie Peat to invite us to have a stall at the Blackmore Vale Michaelmas […]

Honiton Show

The postponed Honiton Show was held yesterday and even though the previous day had been extreemly wet the tractor drivers, once again, got everybody to their stalls. Sue was not able to be there, due to other work commitments, so I travelled down on the wednesday to set up. It was just little old me […]

August Bank Holiday Monday

Why is it that whenever we get a Bank holiday, in this country, the bloody weather sticks it’s oar in. Today we were at Corsley Show, near Longleat, and to say that the weather had a say in an understatement. This couple braved the early rain. Cheer up mate, it’s a Bank Holiday!! It got […]

Selling On-Line

Lots of people want to know if we have a shop on the website. The short answer is no. The slightly longer answer is that we may develop one, but not at the moment as we are very busy with events and unable to set up the “necessary”. It is definetily something that we are […]


On Thursday we were in Narnia. Well Totnes actually, but according to the sign on the way in, the town has been twinned with Narnia. I’m not sure why. Is it at all “Alternative” around there? The show was well organised and yet again we would like to praise the tractor drivers for towing everyone […]

Down Dorset Way

Yesterday found us stalled out at the Melplash Show, in West Bay Dorset. Home to many a Caravan, Tent, Guest House and Fish & Chip Cabin. A very popular bit of the Dorset Coast and a very popular show, just look at the crowds. There was lots going on for everyone to enjoy including some […]

Come by ‘ere my luvvelly

Today found us at the Mid-Somerset Show, in Shepton Mallet. What great weather, and what a crowd !! The animals, as ever, were beautiful. My, that’s a fine pair !!!!!!! Of course, wandering around the animal pens, you had to watch where you stepped. Well you wouldn’t want to step in one of those, would […]

Winston at Wanborough

Now if you like a good tongue, I reckon that Winston is your boy. What a beauty. Little Winston, here, was definitely feeling the heat today at Wanbourough Fair. What a great day, and such brilliant weather. A really good crowd rolled up and saw the carnival floats roll in. There was plenty of entertainment […]

Chagford Show

Chagford show is where we were on Thursday. This is lovely country show with lots of horses and lots of entertainment. The main ring attracted big crowds to watch the beautifully restored carriages There was also some impressive motorcycle riding to be seen from the “IMPS” team. There were plenty of trade stands and craft […]

Clutton Flower Show

Clutton Flower Show is a delightful event. Now in it’s 75th year the show ran as smoothly as ever, even the weather was lovely. (Nice change !!) As usual the standard of the entries, in the flower show, was very high. As it was with the vegetables’ displays Nice Onions !! There was a good […]