Monthly Archives: July 2012

Complete Madness

Yesterday saw us in the heart of Somerset at The Lowland Games. The event involves a lot of water and mud, plus some more Mud. Maybe it’s the cider, who knows, but this lot are propper nutters. I have never seen “wife carrying” and “mud wrestling” before but I must say “It is hilarious – […]

Sunny Dunster

Yesterday saw at the beautiful setting of the Dunster Country Fair. Wow , what a scorcher. At last a proper chance to enjoy the summer. Loads of people came along and we enjoyed a good day’s trade. My puppy of the day award goes to little “Mocca” who was struggling a bit with the heat […]

Here Comes Summer

Am I in the right place? The right season? It seems that the summer has finally arrived, at last. What a shame that so many shows have been cancelled or postponed. Good news is that The Dunster Country Fair IS ON for this coming Wednesday, July 25th. Happy Days

Mud Glorious Mud

What with all the cancellations and postponements going on at the moment we are pleased that we have been able to secure trade stand space at The Lowland Games, near Langport in Somerset, on Sunday July 29th. It doesn’t matter if it’s muddy and wet because there is lots of juicy mud wrestling to be […]

Just Relax -Tinker did

Today found us in Ston Easton at the Mendip Country Fair. Considering the amount of rain that came down in the morning we were pleased to see so many people roll up. This was the first time that this event has been held and everything seemed to have been organised well, with plenty of help […]

Jet Stream

Can someone please tell me how to move the jet stream. As I understand it this stream of high altitude fast moving air is, a bit like Andy Murray’s smile, too far south at the moment and that is why we are getting so wet all of the time. Please help as I am starting […]

Poor Organisation

Yesterday we were on our second day at the Cotswold Show, in Cirencester. The weather had cheered up a bit and the strong wind was trying hard to dry out the quagmire that had been left by the previous days’ downpours. Our neighbour was at last able to continue his carving, outside. Good sized crowds […]