Down Dorset Way

Yesterday found us stalled out at the Melplash Show, in West Bay Dorset.

Home to many a Caravan, Tent, Guest House and Fish & Chip Cabin.

A very popular bit of the Dorset Coast and a very popular show, just look at the crowds.

There was lots going on for everyone to enjoy including some great trade stands. Here are some of my favourites.

Oops, that’s our stall.

Even though we didn’t win “Best Trade Stand” I hope this next one did, I thought it looked amazing.

There was even some nutter on a quad bike, showing off !!

It was a really nice day and we’d like to thank everyone who visited our stall throughout the day.

As for the doggies. Take a look at these two beauties, “Jed” & “Pip”.

But “Dog of the Day” has to go to “Sheridan”, a local Police dog who talks, suprisingly.

He was on patrol, on his tricycle, near the beer tent to make sure there was no nonsense.

Nice one Sheridan. (secretly, I think someone was operating him remotely. Or maybe he was real.)

We’re of to Totnes, in Devon, next. Hope the weather holds.