Monthly Archives: September 2012

Frampton Country Fair

After a busy night, counting money and giggling, we set up our stalls for another sunny days trading. This time at Frampton on Severn in the grounds of Frampton Court Estate. What a gorgeous place, seen here in the early sunday morning sunlight. It really was a beautiful setting with a goreous lake set infront […]

Frome Cheese Show

Cheese is a special thing. It should be treated with care and taken in small amounts with a sip of fine wine. One should be careful not to let “the ladies” partake in too much, as it has a tendancy to make them giggle. At this years Frome Cheese Show there were plenty of fine […]

Frome Super-Market

Held on the 1st sunday of the month, between April and September (plus a Christmas market on the 1st Sunday of December) Frome Super-Market includes a Flea Market, an Artisan Market, A Farmers Market and a General Market. The town centre is closed off so that the crowds ( and today’s was a big one) […]

Wellow Flower Show

Wellow is such a lovely village. As usual the wind blew strongly across the field for the annual Flower Show. (mucked up my hair it did). The sun shone and a great crowd turned out. The were old cars for the old blokes And Goat propelled carriage rides for the little ones  There were games, […]