The Watercress Festival

Yesterday we got up at 5am (ouch!) to drive down to Alresford, in Hampshire, for the Watercress Festival. It was a beautiful morning and we got there in good time ready to set up.

West Street looked fabulous in the early morning sun as all the traders went about their business of getting ready.

By 9 o’clock people had started arriving on the steam train. But the big question was, “was Barty ready?”


She looks ready to me.!! And the stall looked great in the sunshine.

Loads of people came throughout the day ( we estimated, about 12,000)

There was loads of entertainment for the crowds, including the Morris Dancers with their blacked out faces. Spooky!

Not sure why they have blacked out faces but I’m sure that if you Googled the question you’d find out.

On top of the dancers there was lots of music and of course the Watercress King and Queen were paraded around by horse and cart.

A really great days trading was had by all. You should make sure that you come next year!