Wiltshire Game & Country Show

We’d not had a stall at this event before, although we have traded at other events here, at beautilful Bowood House, near Chippenham, Wiltshire.

This was a two day event and the 1st (Saturday) was a great day; lovely weather and a fantastic crowd.

The only thing that marred it a bit for me was the stall opposite us. Don’t get me wrong, I mean I own a chainsaw myself and find it very useful for cutting up logs. That’s what I thought they were for. Evidentally I am wrong.

Three geezers opposite our stall were happily unaware of the racket they were making (due to their ear-defenders) all day saturday

as they scuplted away at what could have been some useful firewood (and still could be, in my opinion) to create such oddities as “a toadstool”, “a tortoise”

and my absolute favourite of all, “a frog”.

I nearly offered to buy all three chainsaws from them, just to stop the racket.

In the end I only purchased some ear plugs from another stall.

They helped a bit, although I did have a bit of trouble hearing our customers!

Note to organisers of event: “Next time, please put chainsaw massacre stall well away from normal shopping areas!!”

Day 1 over and we went home .

Sunday brought wind and rain (whoopie, maybe the chainsaw gang wont be able to operate) – (bugger, some accomplice has got them some gazebos; let’s hope the wind picks up and blows them away).

Bad things had happened in the night as several stalls had been broken into, by thieves, and quite a lot of stock had been stolen.

2nd note to organisers “Better on site security required”


The bad weather kept a lot of people away, but the hardy ones that did come were in fine spirit and able to enjoy the traditional country games such as

“how long can you get your dogs not look at each other”

and the classic musical lookalike competition

“I’m Santa in the Rain”.

There was some interesting horsey type games going on in the main ring as well, including this one which i must say I had not seen before.

I believe this game may have been called. “My pony thinks I’m a nutter”

I think it probably does!

So, day 2 was a bit of a disappointing end to a rather wet summer of outside events.

Gazebos will be washed down and put away until next year.

For now its into the pre Christmas run of Charity events and Farmer’s Markets.

Lets hope next Summer is a bit friendlier.

But I couldn’t leave without spotting a final “Puppy of the Day”; could I?



I leave you with the very beautiful (and very tired) “Freddy”.