Poor Organisation

Yesterday we were on our second day at the Cotswold Show, in Cirencester. The weather had cheered up a bit and the strong wind was trying hard to dry out the quagmire that had been left by the previous days’ downpours. Our neighbour was at last able to continue his carving, outside.

Good sized crowds eventually turned out, despite the chaos in the car parks where vehicles were having to be towed in as the ground was still wet and muddy.

I found it hard to believe that the organisers had failed to lay down any tracks !! We heard that there were 2 – 3 hour queues on the main road, to get in, all because of this lack of organisation. You would have thought that a long standing show like this one would be able to deal with a few thousand people rolling up especially as the bad weather had been forecast, plus it’s not like  we haven’t had any rain this year, is it?

I know that a lot of people gave up waiting to get in and went home. This was a real shame as all of us traders needed more shoppers to be there.

Hopefully the organisers will sort out these issues for next year.

One of the Show Stewards told me “lots of people rolled up at once”.

That is no excuse. A show of this size should be able to cope with a few thousand people.

That’s the whole idea isn’t it.

Anyway, enough moaning.

We would like to thank everybody who visited our stalls.