Soggy Sunday

Sunday’s weather forecast was rubbish, but as we drove down to Dorset for the Waterloo and Military Show

the sunrise was a picture over the misty valleys.

The show was held at Wimborne St Giles, a gorgeous bit of Dorset.

The organisers had done a fantastic job of setting up everything for a massive crowd.

I’ve never seen so many porta-loos. And Cash Points? Well, we dont see those at many shows.

Unfortunately there wasn’t  a massive crowd there. Perhaps, only a couple of thousand people came out on this chilly Sunday morning.

For those that were there, there were great displays from the White Helmets motorcycle display team as well as the “Gun race”, always a favourite .

There was some great music from men in kilts, with bagpipes.

To those in bright red jackets, some with Busbies on their heads.

As you can tell, I know all the lingo !

There were a couple of brilliant air displays too; before the weather turned for the worst.

The wind picked up and the other air displays had to be cancelled. Shame.

It could have been a great day but the rain that followed dispersed the small crowd and it was all over by 4 o’clock.

I didn’t get to photograph a dog of the day. Sorry about that.

I will get one next weekend though, at Newbury. Promise.