The Honiton Show

Here we are again, in Devon. What a great showground location this is. The car parks were quick to fill up with a lot of people enjoying the hot sunshine.


We were stalled out early, outside the craft tent, where we immediately got told off.

It would appear that we had strayed infront of the allocated space for our stall. “I hope you are going to be able to get all of your stall behind the front line” the serious looking chap with the clipboard and the pink trousers told us.


We moved our stuff back (a bit). Then along came another chap with the same message for us.

I think these guys must have been former line judges at Wimbledon or something.

This show has quite a lot of Hound action going on.

There were big crowds here today. I estimated around 10,000. Not bad for a week day.

Although a vast amount of the stalls here were Corporate ones, there were still a good amount of others (like us) here to provide some shopping opportunities. Here are a few which I spotted.

This one with the red rosette had won 2nd place in the “best trade stand”.

Although our stand looked great I think my encounter with the white line judges earlier had put any chance of us winning a prize straight out of the window.

It was a really hot day. Even the cattle were taking it easy.

There were a lot of vintage tractors to examine in the lower field.

Some great food too, including Tom’s Pies. We both had one and really enjoyed it.

(We even brought some home for the freezer). Thanks Tom.

No show would be complete without a Dog of the Day and today’s was “Ruby”.

She is only about 9 or 10 weeks old and was so hot that her owner had hosed her down.

She then bought one of our baskets to carry little Ruby in. Even better.

We’re headed back into Somerset for the weekend, to the lovely village of Nunney.

Hope to see you there