Nunney’s Monsoon

The lovely village of Nunney, in Somerset, once again had it’s annual street fayre this weekend.

This year’s theme was “medieval”

There were Soldiers of the King keeping order of the locals.

Their mission it would seem was to apprehend “Geoffrey the Mole Catcher” a local man who had

been up to no good evidentally. And catch him they did. He was put in the stocks where members of the public

were encouraged to throw wet towels at him to teach him a lesson.

We had a great pitch, right in the market place.

Behind which was this barrel organ

which let rip a load of great tunes, including the greatest hits of Abba. Very traditional indeeed.

The Bathampton Morris Men were there doing their thing.

And all the stallls seemed to be doing good business.

 It was all to exciting for these two labradors who were taking a well earned rest.

One could say that it was all going swimmingly. Ummm? perhaps that was the wrong thing to say

because at about 2 o’clock this happened

Rarely have we seen rain like this. A river of water swept down the hill and into the Market Place. The pub, the church, and i would say all of the gazebos filled up with people trying to shelter from this monsoon.

It went on for ages and unfortunately a lot of visitors ran for their cars and went home.

Once the rain had stopped the barrel organ started up again the sun came out and things got back to normal.

But not for long. Another storm hit about 40 minutes later and the P.A. system rang out with the news that

“The Street Fayre was to be abandoned early”

A real shame as it had seemed that this had been a record sized crowd for this event.

We went home soaked but happy with what we had taken.

Dog of the Day was to be ” Oscar”. A very lively 2 and a half year old with a bit of a foot fetish evidentally.