Frome’s August Super Market

The first sunday of the month and we were in our home town of Frome for the “Super” Market.

The centre of the town had been closed off to traffic and a mix of several markets attempted to blend together.

An Artisan Market, A Farmer’s Market, a Flea Market and what has been loosely titled  a “People’s” Market.

I think the “Blending” still needs some work on it.

Last year the market in the middle of the town had been run by Mendip Council’s market manager and had been very well organised and a massive success.

I dont know why, but now it is being run by a different set of people whom I have to say do not have the same level of experience.

There seemed a distinct lack of flow between the different parts and the word amongst the traders was that the organisation of this event needs some serious improvement.

I must say that I had found it quite difficult to confirm that I had a pitch here as the communication from the organisers was, to say the least, in need of improvement.

I just wish that organisations which host events like this would listen to the market traders advice.

After all we do it every week.

Still it’s early days for them and I’m sure ithings will get better with time and experience.

The day was quite busy untill, yet again, the event was marred by rain. it was all over by 3 o’clock.

Shame. Hey Ho, this is England and it is Summer you know.