Totnes Show

Totnes. Some say that the town is twinned with Narnia.

That could be true as my brother and sister in law considered moving there.!!

Last year this event was postponed, due to rubbish weather and then started off as a wash out again.

This year it started like this.

The day was off to a cracking start with The Twitterers of the area going bonkers.

Based around a traditional agricultural show there was plenty of livestock to see.

This show has a great music stage and my favourites from the day were the band “Hoarse”. Great vocalist.


There was a lot of terrier racing going on as well, hosted by Lucy Siegle (from the BBC’s The One Show)

Check out this You Tube link to see the 1st race.

As is the norm at these events there were some great stalls. Here are some of the more colourful ones.

Tracy Island is one of my favourites. Tracy makes all this stuff herself using driftwood found on Cornish beaches. Fantasitic.

Have a look at her Website “Tracy Island” and see what I mean.

So it was all going well as we listened to the guy on the handbag stall opposite us continue to holler ” any two bags a fiver, that’s all they are”.

Really, who let him in?


All going well, untill 2pm when this happened.

Torrential doesn’t quite cover it.

Still, the bloke opposite enjoyed it as he cracked open a couple of boxes of different stock and started hollering a new tune…

“keep dry for three pound, get yor umbrellas at three pound, that’s all they are” “I’m on my last case, three pound thats all they are”

Last case, eh? A likely story.


fair play to the bloke though he’d sold out by the time the rain storm stopped some 30 minitues later.

Oh goodie, here he goes again.. “any two bags a fiver, that’s all they are”.


Lots of lovely dogs to choose from, but “Mr. Bingley” wins it today.

Only about 4months old and about as bonkers as the family who own him (they were lovely really, honest).

Mr. Bingley is what is known as ” a Heinz 57 variety”, he’s a bit Cocker Spaniel, a bit Poodle and a bit something else (yet to be discovered)

Love him to bits.


Great show, dispite the rain in the afternoon.

See you all at Honiton Show on Thursday.