Stroud Show

What a beautiful sunny day in Stroud, Gloucestershire

This Market town has its history in the Cloth business with many wool mills being driven by the rivers flowing through the five valleys

and thereby supplying power to machine the wool, supplied by the sheep from the surrounding hills.

Here’s a typical local…

and some of his girlfriends

being judged at the show.

This chap, and his dog, however seem to have had enough for the day

Now, is this a celebrity I have found? Didn’t she used to play a lot of tennis, or am I mistaken?

Mistaken. I think this is one of the Fleece Judges. Silly me.

There were tractors and cattle.

and lots of stalls for everyone to have a good look around.

and just incase we had a really bad day of trading; this lot were there to talk to

Luckily for us, and them, we didn’t feel the need to talk.


We did however feel the need to practise our milking skills with Daisy, on our neighbouring stall.


What a fine set of udders!!

Oops, I made Mother laugh, she’s spilt the milk!!




Of course, I had to pick a dog of the day.

With the sun out there were lots of nice puppies around, especially in the dog show

But i found a real little cutie being carried around as she hadnt had all her jabs and so couldnt be let loose on the ground.

This is 14 week old “Blossom”

She’s half Shiatsu and half King Charles Spaniel.

I’m not sure what that equals; is it a ” King Shiatsu?” or a “ShiatsuSpan?”

Anyway she was so cute.


We had a lovely day in Stroud and look forward to coming back next year.

It’s a nice sized country show that’s free for the public to get in,

and has reasonable pitch prices for us to trade at.


Next stop is Dunster, on Wednesday. Last year we won this

Could we do it again? Tune in later in the week to find out