Trial by Weather

For the last three days we have been at the Nunney International Horse Trials, held in the grounds of the beautiful Southfield House, in Somerset,

which is the home to the Yeoman family.

The thing about these events is that there is far more “hoof” fall than “foot fall” creating a problem for all traders.

Not helped, I would add, by the rubbish wet and windy weather throughout the weekend.

With not much trade to be done I whiled away the days chatting to other traders and watching the show jumping in front of our stall.

I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen so many jodhpur covered bottoms before!!

The p.a. from the commentary box became a constant in my ears; even overnight between show days I could hear the ladies calling out the horse and rider’s names and scores. I was starting to drift off.

I commented about this to a customer in our stall who retorted

“You could go off cross country with my daughter if you like, there’d be no chance of you drifting off with her”.

I must say that I haven’t had an offer like that for a few years ……….. Ding Dong!!!!!

So, not the best of weekends I’m afraid. Yet again an event where we have covered our costs and not much more.

Is this a sign of the times? Or maybe Eventing is not the sort of show for us?


Let’s leave on a happier note. Look at this lovely little twelve week old puppy.