Brymore School

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On Saturday we went to Brymore School Open Day, in Cannington Somerset.

Driving down there in the early morning we passed Worthy Farm in Pilton. Wow, the Glastonbury festival was busy.

Maybe we should have got tickets to that instead !!.

No, no, we’re seasoned traders and the chance of earning a shilling or two seemed more tempting.

So, Brymore is was.

What a nice place. Brymore is a state school of the type I wish I had gone to. It has it’s own farm and the boys who go there

learn loads about proper work. Not just the academic stuff, although they do that as well.

So, for example, on top of normal subjects taught at school a days lessons could typically include a bit of hands on in the dairy

or driving and maintaning one of the school’s tractors. Sounds fun, eh?

There is a proper market garden and qualifications in Horticulture abound.

Better than the Latin lessons I had to endure.

There were plenty of activities going on including some cattle judging and some “one man his dog” displays.

Here are a few photos from around the playing fields.

Nice Asses!!

So, an interesting but unfortunately not profitable day.

Where have all the shoppers gone? No one seems to want to spend anymore. This is getting serious!!

The day ended up with an Inter house Tug o’ War. Watched by many and enjoyed by all.

I was slightly confused by the commentator who said that this was “the best of three pulls” because

after the green team had won the first two pulls against the blues (best of three remember) they still carried on with a third.

Maybe it was the sunshine or maybe the cider, who knows.


No Dog of the Day I’m afraid. I thought that this time, as the School has their own cattle, that we’d have

Bull of the Day instead.

Here is “Adrian” the schools very own Pedigree Beef Shorthorn Bull.

Well, I think this is him?

Looks like he’s properly equipped to keep the Ladies happy.

Oooh Matron! (she was there too). I like a nice Matron you know….

Time to go before I get in trouble.