Bowood Dog Show

Yesterday, Barty and I were at Bowood House, near Calne in Wiltshire, for the annual Charity Dog Show. We love dogs and we are quite happy to give to charity (especially when it’s clearly stated in the booking forms, as it is here).

What’s up? The sun is shining. Are we in the right country?

We were greeted by Jenny Shaw, who organises the event, along with Lady Lansdowne who was dishing out bacon butties to us traders.

Very nice too. Thank you.

What a great venue, with some interesting activities and shows going on.

Big crowds gathered around the main ring to watch Tractor Ted and Digger Dave fight it out for affection.

There were plenty of dog displays going on, as one would expect.

Gun dogs, agility shows, best dog, waggyist tail etc.

Other attractions included the Parrot Show.

This bloke clearly needs help !! Anyway the kids loved it.

Elsewhere there were camels to be seen and stroked.

Their humps are a bit wierd, aren’t they? They sort of wobble around as they walk along.

Of course there were plenty of lovely doggies around and our water bowl was forever being topped up.

I must say that the Charity “The Oldies Club” was my absolute favourite stand.

What a fantastic job they do.

Please have a look at their website and donate/adopt if you can.

Her are a few of their old timers resting in the shade.

Just Fantastic.

There was one other stand which caught my eye. For no other reason really than “it stood out”

Here is the Easy Grass Stand.

Now that’s what I call a GREEN car.

Of course no show would be complete without a Dog of the Day.

Here’s “Ludo”, a wire haired Dachshund, enjoying the day.

I quite like his friend in the background too. Unfortunately i didn’t catch the other dogs name.

A great day with great weather and great people and grrrrrrrrrreat dogs.