Young Farmers

This year’s Oxfordshire Young Farmers Rally and Show took place on saturday near Farringdon.

What a great location at Rowes Farm and a beautiful sunny day too.

There was lots to see in the main ring from wheelbarrow racing to hounds and beagles plus the tug of war.

The Rockwood Dog Display Team put on a great show.

The site was, unfortunately, a bit too spread out and this meat that there were really empty spots in the day when the crowds were at one end of the site or the other.

Its a shame that it wasn’t more tightly grouped as it definitly affected ours and others trade.

Still, it was a good day. And the Young Farmers Clubs presented a good show of Floats to finish the day off. Here are my favourite two.

The Farm had lots of animals for people to see including these little snorters.

I love “Pigs in Blankets” !!

So, we had our opinions about the layout of the site and this lady had her own views about things.

I found two adorable dogs for the day.

Firstly, the handsome”Jagger” who is about 8 months old and a “Heinz 57” variety.

Plus, I couldn’t resist a photo of “Flint”

Enough said.