The Polo

Marriners Farm is near Bramdean in Hampshire and that’s where we were on Sunday.

Another sunny day. Are we in the right country?

Polo is an interesting game and draws a certain class of person.

Here are a few future Politicians enjoying a Pimms or three.

They, no doubt, had borrowed Daddy’s cars to get there!!

A large crowd turned out to watch the events and sip champagne in the sunshine.

There was a good selection of stalls for the public to shop at.

I would like to just make a small comment about it though. Show organisers should realise that trying to earn a living by running a stall

is not as easy at it may look.

With stall rents continually rising it is really tricky to survive if the organisers then request 10% of takings (not profit, takings!!)

on top of the pitch rent. Even the flippin’ Tax Man doesn’t ask for 10% of TAKINGS !!!

This subject was a big talking point amongst all traders as it is becoming more prevelant at events.

Organisers should please realise that if they make these requests then we traders may not survive, or wish to attend.

If that were to happen then these events would have little to offer their visitors. That would be a shame.

I would add though that, at this event, Emmy Watt who was the Trade Stand’s Organiser was very understanding about this.

We did make a percentage donation for the charity from our profit and hope to return next year.