North Somerset Show

This Bank Holiday Monday was our first time at the North Somerset Show and we were looking forward to it.

We have just had our Gazebos sign written and were very happy with the new look stand.

What a scorcher of a day it was. Shorts and T Shirts all round.

Massive crowds came out to see the

many attractions.

There were lots of great vintage tractors to see.

And one of the most popular spectacles was the Tractor Pull. This basically involved an over enthuisiastic

tractor driver trying to pull along a massive machine which just sort of dug itself into the ground as it was pulled along.

Huge amounts of smoke and engine noise. A real crowd pleaser.

I did manage to find my “Dog of the Day” in the gorgeous “Loki”.

What a lovely Labradoodle . Nearly 2 years old  and named after the Norse God of Mischief.

With a face like this, surely not.

We enjoyed our day and will definitly come back to this show again.

Let’s hope this sunshine continues, eh?