We’d never been to the Watercress Festival before, but we’ll definitly be going back. What a fabulous town and what a friendly bunch of people we met there.

There was, obviously, loads of watercress. Infact I think everyone of the estimated 12,000 people had at least one bag of the stuff.

All traders seemed to have a good time including our good friend Hilary from Dream Blue Trading who sell lovely Turkish Gifts.

Although I didn’t get much of a chance to look around, as I was manning the stall alone (Barty was on a Hen weekend !! Nuff said),

I did have a good time.

I even managed to find a “dog of the day”.

Rusty is his name and what a handsome fella he is. I’m sure you’ll agree.

Looking forward to next weekend now. With 3 events it’s gonna be busy.

Hope the weather holds out !