Frome Super-Market

Held on the 1st sunday of the month, between April and September (plus a Christmas market on the 1st Sunday of December) Frome Super-Market includes a Flea Market, an Artisan Market, A Farmers Market and a General Market.

The town centre is closed off so that the crowds ( and today’s was a big one) can browse around the hundreds of stalls without fear of being knocked over by some bus or something.

I had previously attended the Flea Market, with bric-a-brac and some furniture, but was now right in the centre of the Market Place with my basket stall and I would say “with some considerable success”.

Well done to Mendip Council Markets for making sense out of the disconnected two markets (Flea and Artisan) which had been running for a while but without customers of one having any knowledge that the other existed, due to their being a large distance between the two of them.

Now, however, it’s different as Mendip Market managers Stuart and Mark have joined the whole thing up so that people can enjoy a full day out. Well done guys.

Many people were out and about (not early though, mind you it is Sunday)

I didn’t get much opportunity to get off the stand to take photos, nor did I find a suitable “Dog of the Day” but trusty old Barney was at home when I got there

Sleeping as usual.

Along with a slightly hung over Niece – but that’s another story. Something to do with Tequila I think, Oops !!

The next Frome Super Market will be on December the 2nd. I’ll be there; I hope you will too.