Frome Cheese Show

Cheese is a special thing. It should be treated with care and taken in small amounts with a sip of fine wine.

One should be careful not to let “the ladies” partake in too much, as it has a tendancy to make them giggle.

At this years Frome Cheese Show there were plenty of fine examples to be seen, and tasted, in the main marquee.


Some believe that too much time spent working with cheese can cause hair loss.

Cheese can be very unpredictable.

In the next photo we can clearly see that this lady has come over all funny.

Perhaps she has eaten too much cheese and is just about to begin her giggling.

And this lady has obviously tired herself out by giggling too much and has had to lie down.

Watch out ladies !! This is real Cheese we’re talking about !!


The sun shone and a record crowd caused chaos on the roads as they tried to get into the showground.

We had a great day and once again would like to thank all of our customers.


Later that evening Sue started giggling. I thought it was because we had had a good day. But maybe not.

Had she secretly been scoffing a bit too much cheddar?

I’ll try and find out.

As for puppies, well there we loads of them around.

I rather liked “Bo” and “Rolo” these two adorable 13 week old black labradors.

What do you reckon?