Honiton Show

The postponed Honiton Show was held yesterday and even though the previous day had been extreemly wet the tractor drivers, once again, got everybody to their stalls.

Sue was not able to be there, due to other work commitments, so I travelled down on the wednesday to set up.

It was just little old me to deal with whatever may happen.

A nice bowl of chilli and a few glasses of wine saw me off to sleep in the van for the night.

Thursday, 6:30 am was the alarm call as others arrived to set up their stalls

There were quite a lot of empty spaces, which was a shame; but it meant that there was the opportunity for more trade to be done on Barty’s stand.

I’m not complaining!!

It was a fantastically busy day and I was so pleased to see some friends there, who’s daughter stayed with me for the day to help on the stand.

Massive thanks go out to Kitty Howard without whom I would not have coped. It was just sooooooooo busy.

I didn’t get a chance to look around the show to take any photos but I did manage to get this shot of the gorgeous “Nora”

who is very worthy of being honoured as  “Dog of the Day”

What a cutie!!