Chagford Show

Chagford show is where we were on Thursday.

This is lovely country show with lots of horses and lots of entertainment.

The main ring attracted big crowds to watch the beautifully restored carriages

There was also some impressive motorcycle riding to be seen from the “IMPS” team.

There were plenty of trade stands and craft demonstrations to see

All in all we had a great day (if a little wet at times). Thanks, yet again, to a tractor driver for getting our van out of the mud.

Oh yes, “Dog of the day”. Yet again I was stuck and so I chose two.

Puppy of the day is 13 week old “Bertie”. What a cutie.


And, 3 year old Airdale, “Fudge” gets Dog of the day.

What a teddy bear !

Chagford Show is highly recommended, as is the Mill End Hotel where we had a fabulous dinner and very comfy room for the night.

We even did a bit of celebrity spotting, seeing Adrian Edmundson and Jennifer Saunders having a good look around the show.

See you again next year Chagford.