August Bank Holiday Monday

Why is it that whenever we get a Bank holiday, in this country, the bloody weather sticks it’s oar in.

Today we were at Corsley Show, near Longleat, and to say that the weather had a say in an understatement.

This couple braved the early rain.

Cheer up mate, it’s a Bank Holiday!!

It got worse, I’m afraid. The wind blew up something rotten.

This lady tried ever so hard to keep her gazebo sides from blowing in.

It wasn’t good enough though as many a gazebo suffered from the wind

And many a frame ended up being taken to the skip.

That’s alumimium that is. I bet the skip boys were happy with that.

The amount of broken, and damaged, gazebos meant that many a trader went home early. So did the public, come about 3pm, when the heavy rain started,

and didn’t stop.



There were plenty.

But only one really stood out.

What can I say?

I Love, 12 week old, “Lucy”

Oh, she smelt so scrummy, I could have just cuddled her all day.

But then, if I had done that, people might start to think that I’m a bit weird !!

Oh Lucy, do you want to come and stay at our house?