Beaufort Polo

Good Weekend, despite the wet & windy Saturday. We had never seen a Polo match before and it very enjoyable.

Pretty agressive (particularly the women !)

This two day event had it all;

From the traditional treading in of the divots

To the cutest puppy

Plus of course the Royal visitors.

Princes William and Harry can be seen here enjoying a good battle on the field

whilst the real star of the show watched from the sidelines

I couldn’t get any closer, the security kept turning me away. Funny that?

However the press photographers did. Thanks to for these two photos.


Oh well, maybe Kate would like to buy some bowls and a basket another time.


Many thanks to the organisers for a well run event.

Shame that the Muppet who had this water event

emptied the contents of his pool onto the ground just as we were all starting to pack up.

The ensuing tidal wave caused alot of the trade stands, including ours, to be flooded. Thanks you Muppet !!

Maybe next year that stall could be placed at the bottom of the slope.